Dual shower heads are also known as combo and twin shower heads that are designed with two showers to provide a spa-like showering experience at home. These showers come in different combinations like fixed-handheld, rain-handheld, high and low-pressure shower heads, etc.

The dual shower heads are pretty different from any other type, so their installation seems complicated. However, following a proper guide will make the process straightforward for you.

The first step before installing dual shower heads is to collect or purchase the required equipment. If you are looking for a reliable site to purchase all accessories, declinko is a perfect option to end your market search.

Declinko offers a complete range of dual showers, rails and sliders, arms, drain, grates, and other shower parts. Whether you are installing a new shower or replacing the old one, you should be fully prepared with all the necessary tools.

Things You Need

  • Adjustable pliers
  • Drill and bits (if needed)
  • Hex key
  • A cloth towel
  • Two-head flexible hose
  • Pluming tape

Installation Guide

1. Turn Off the Water Supply

Before starting, don’t forget to turn off the main water supply. If you are not replacing the old shower head, you don’t need to turn off the main supply, as turning the tape off would work well. However, if you are placing the shower in a new place, ensure that no water is present.

2. Remove Old Shower Head

Based on your previous shower head type and dual shower head combination, you have to remove the old shower head and install a new water supply system. To remove the old shower head, cover the fixture with a towel to avoid the plier’s scratches.

To remove the old shower head, you just need a plier. Use the plier to unscrew the previous shower head in an anticlockwise direction.

3. Clean the Shower Fixtures and Pipe

Before installing the new shower head, remove the pipe tapes or tread if applied before. Other than removing these things, you can use this time to thoroughly clean the inner side of the pipe thoroughly, as unscrewing is not often done. Properly remove the washers present inside the pipe.

4. Install New Dual Shower Head

The installation of dual shower heads does not need a pipe divider because the diverter is usually a part of their design. After checking the rubber washer in the treaded connection, fix the diverter in the pipe connection. The rubber washer will help in tight-fitting the shower head.

If you need to use the plier, cover the shower head with a towel to avoid scratching and tighten up the connections. Check the washers of the hose and connect that with the diverter by checking the right side.

Otherwise, connect any side with a diverter. Connect the hose with the diverter and shower heads tightly. Place the shower head in a bracket by adjusting its direction, position, and height (if possible).

5. Check For Leakages

The dual shower heads generally have more connections than other types because of the hose. After tightening up all connections, turn on the water to check the leakages. If everything is fine, enjoy the showering.


The dual shower head installation is as easier as any other type. By following this guide step-by-step, you will surely succeed in the installation by yourself.


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