OpenOffice is one of the best office suites that provide reliable interference and documentation. Its interference is much easier than any other office. It is rich with features and provides lots of safe extensions. Not only this you can have free download access to OpenOffice. But still, if you are facing some trouble regarding open office here is a solution.

There is also another very great and highly productive office suit. That is the best alternative to OpenOffice. WPS is a user-friendly and feature-rich alternative. It provides all the necessary tools that are used for word processing, spreadsheets, and slideshows. Moreover, you can also manage your PDF files.

You are going to explore the reason why WPS is only the best alternative to OpenOffice and why this is called a superior choice over all other office suites. Check out this article if you are interested to know about all the features and specifications of WPS. Let’s explore.

EverythingYou Need to Know About WPS

WPS is the best and most comprehensive office suite that provides various features. It’s just like OpenOffice. You can say this is the best alternative to OpenOffice. It provides lots of benefits. Firstly it is very easy to interfere with, secondly, it is suitable for personal and professional use and lastly, it offers all the necessary needs like documentation, presentation and data insertion.

One of the main advantages that you get while using WPS as an alternative to free download OpenOffice for Windows 10 online is its compatibility with Microsoft Office formatting. There are lots of reasons that make WPS the best alternative to OpenOffice, Let’s check out those reasons below.

WPS A Best Alternative

User-friendly Interface

WPS provides an intuitive and user-friendly interference. It makes everything easy and visible for users so that they cannot get into any type of trouble while using this office suit. You do not need any master skills to use this office suit. You will get smooth and hassle-free interference.

All of its appearance is designed to provide simplicity. It offers all the tools that are highly accessible and visual. It has a menu for quick document creation and editing. You can save your files on your device. In a nutshell, this office suite has interference that non-professionals can also understand.


Here is another very great thing about WPS. It is the best alternative to free download OpenOffice for Windows 10 online because of its compatibility with all the formatting of Microsoft Office. This is the biggest advantage that is provided by WPS so far. You can get access to all the formats of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Users can effortlessly open and edit all the files with the formatting of Microsoft Office. This office suite allows very smooth collaboration with colleagues or clients who may use Microsoft. This is the best feature that eliminates all the problems related to compatibility.

Mobile Support

If sometimes you forget your laptop at home but you want to open an important file on your smartphone. You can use WPS on your smartphone as well, yes it’s true, and WPS provides support to both Android and iOS devices so that if you want to edit or create a file on your phone you can easily manage them.

With the help of the WPS office mobile app, you can work on your document on your phone. On the phone, there is much easier interference and you can check out your important files, or documents on your phone very easily. These features also make WPS one of the best alternatives to OpenOffice.


WPS stands out as the best alternative to OpenOffice. Because of its wide range of features and different offerings, it has the best services and seamless solutions. If your OpenOffice is not working properly you can install this WPS office suit. However if this blog was helpful to collect information let me know your thoughts.


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