The protagonist of I Experience You Linger in the Air is Jom, a young architect who’s pressured to take a fee for the design and refurbishment of an antique Chiang Mai domestic. Jom starts off evolving to enjoy ordinary nightmares about himself and an enigmatic determined from his beyond at some stage in this attempt. Jom studies heartache as his romantic companion decides to name it quits.

In a panic, he makes a slipshod driving decision that ends in a coincidence and a plunge into the Ping River. Jom awakens from the ocean to discover himself in 1927, reputedly outside of the everyday direction of activities. He runs upon Khun Yai, the middle son of Luang Thepniti, the owner of the Plathip Mansion, whom he is now transforming.

Who is the person he dreamed of Jom ought to now modify to this odd environment and way of life further to the difficulties of constructing a connection with Khun Yai, a person he feels relatively attracted to notwithstanding having by no means met her earlier. I feel you linger in the air, Visit the link for more information on the series.

Features of the Youku App

The Youku cellular app, as of my maximum recent understanding replaced in September 2021, blanketed some of the important features and abilities that focused on customers’ inquisitiveness about streaming films, movies, and television collections.

Please be conscious that due to the fact then, app capabilities may have changed or developed, it’s an amazing concept to test the app’s legit internet site or app shop for the latest information. A number of the main features and skills of the Youku cellular app include the following:

Video Streaming

A renowned Chinese language video streaming provider called Youku gives a wide selection of video content, including films, television collections, documentaries, user-generated content, and more. It is frequently known as “China’s YouTube” because of its similarities in content transport and consumer-generated content material, even though it additionally features licensed content like Hollywood films and Chinese-language TV dramas.

User-Friendly Interface

Users can effortlessly seek and get admission to the fabric on Youku way to its quite simple and user-pleasant interface. The homepage, seek classes, and person profile are often outstanding factors that have been thoughtfully organized. Customers can find specific motion pictures on Youku via the usage of the hunt field and surfing alternatives, or they are able to browse content using genre, popularity, or different classes. The quest function is regularly correct and powerful.

Search and Discover

Users can regularly find and discover video content material of hobbies on Youku due to the fact to its giant search and discovery equipment. Users may additionally find specific movies with the use of these abilities, find clean content, and use the platform efficiently. Customers regularly use filters to restrict effects after engaging in seek. Sorting using relevance, add date, view depend, and consumer rankings are examples of commonplace filters.

Personalized Recommendations

As a part of its user interface, Youku frequently offers tailored video suggestions. Those pointers are made especially for every consumer based totally on their viewing history, possibilities, and platform interactions. Customers regularly need to sign in for an account or sign up to their Youku account to receive customized suggestions.

Offline Viewing

Customers can without problems download videos from Youku for offline viewing for you to watch them even as they are no longer related to the internet. Users who want to watch fabric when traveling, in places with poor right of entry, or to conserve facts consumption will discover this capability to be mainly useful.

Multiple Quality Settings

Youku generally provides a ramification of video playback high-quality alternatives to account for various community circumstances and tool abilities. Users can trade the video resolution and streaming bitrate for the use of these high-quality alternatives to suit their preferences and the rate of their net connection.


Youku generally gives a spread of video playback first-class options to account for varied network situations and device abilities. Users can trade the video resolution and streaming bitrate for the use of these high-quality alternatives to match their choices and the velocity of their internet connection.


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