Summer is here, and we can’t hide those fats anymore with an extra layer of clothing. Everyone’s worried about shedding weight and staying active this season. However, this gets a bit impossible with a 9-5 job, and in some cases, working all day in front of a computer; after all, the economy is going in shambles.

If you’re looking forward to stay active in summer 2023, here’s a quick, easy guide to help you ace the goal without leaving your job.

  • Exercise while sitting

Exercising while sitting. It’s possible if you stretch a bit, walk 15 steps after every 30 minutes and most importantly, invest in a cheap desk treadmill. Nothing’s more productive than keeping those legs in motion while focusing on office work. If you think you can’t multi-task, prove yourself wrong and see for yourself, how working and doing exercise will keep you active in summer.

  • Stay Hydrated

Don’t even think about skipping water. Dehydration has a tendency to make us lazy. Your body needs water to carry out chemical reactions and other important functions henceforth, make sure you’re drinking enough water to ensure your body’s metabolism doesn’t reach an all-time low.

  • 15 min walk

Readers, taking out 15 minutes for yourself in 24 hours shouldn’t be difficult. This summer promise yourself that you will take out 15 minutes daily and look after yourself. Walk, jog or meditate. Just don’t let you body lag behind and get lazy. Once laziness creeps in, it’d be hard to let go.

  • Stop Munching

Munching while working is a common phenomenon. And trust me, we udnerstand that it’s hard to avoid. If you’re looking forward to stay active this summer season, avoid munching on unnecessary junk food that triggers weight gain. Hunger pangs while working are normal, therefore, rely on healthy food items like peanuts or fruits.

  • Cut Sugar

Nobody told you to think but cutting sugar from your diet would make a huge difference to your activity levels. Consuming sugar is definitely calming to the soul and the serotonin boost we get from it is exhilarating. However, simultaneously, its the sugar that makes you slow and hampers your brain activity.

  • Breathing Exercises

Physical activity is not the only thing you need in life. We take breathing exercises very lightly. When in fact, they’re much needed and highly effective in controlling anxiety and panic attacks.

Final Thoughts!

Slow and steady cannot win a race in 2023. You’ve got to keep up with everything, but with low energy levels, it gets hard to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of life. Therefore, it’s important that we change the course of our life as per the need of the hour. In summer, we all are exhasuted thanks to the scorching heat but to deal with that, we’ve got to stay active by following little tips and tricks because otherwise, it’d affect our body and mind and ultimately the work would suffer as well.

So, this summer, keep your limbs and mind engaged and stay active!


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