The sole purpose of car phone holders is to give convenience. However, if you pick an uncomfortable position for their placement, they do more harm than good.

Unsteady placements will likely result in the tripping of your phone. Countless companies make car phone holders. And you have more and more choices every passing day. But does buying an expensive holder work on uneven placements? Let’s find out.

How to Pick the Right Position for Mounting A Phone Holder?

Before diving into the products, let’s take a quick look at how you can choose a good placement. It mainly depends on your comfort. If you can spare some seconds and look at the screen you may place the holder on the CD player or vent.

Alternatively, if you are a new driver, or don’t blink while driving then a head-on placement is your go-to. Below is a list of some common holders saturating the market? See which one fits your needs.

1. Suction Cup Car Holder

Suction cups are the most common kind of phone holder. The ones from UGREEN are versatile as you can fix them on both windshields and flat dashboards. The swivel ball-joint design allows 360 rotation.

It features a single-hand operation that allows convenient phone mounting. Unpack the holder and stick it on a clean surface. You can unglue them easily and clean the gathered dirt in the cup. You can also use a suction cup on a straight or slanting surface. Thanks to the strong suction, your phone won’t fall. This model is suitable for smartphones from 4.6 to 7 inches in size.

2. Windshield Phone Holder

Where suction cup holders are versatile, the windshield holders are windshield-oriented. Placing your phone on the windshield is a great idea. A sturdy ABS arm extends up to 19cm. It allows a 220-degree arc rotation without hindering the view. Moreover, the holder allows a 360 rotation for finding the best viewing angles.

The windshield phone holders from UGREEN require miraculously easy installation. First, clean the windshield section with alcohol to remove any dirt. Next, stick the holder there. Now screw on the arm on the base and attach the ball head to it. Lastly, push the locking button on the suction cup base to ensure a secure fit.

3. Cup Car Phone Mount

Suppose you don’t want the outer world to know that you are using your phone while driving. You can then use a cup car phone mount. These mounts are not for dashboards or windshields. Instead, you fix them near the seat in a cup-holding pocket.

Commonly, this phone mount needs around 2.56 to 3.6 inches in diameter. However, UGREEN offers an expandable base. Three brackets emerge by a push button to fill in the extra gap. It is necessary to provide a secure grip. If the cup holder is bigger than the mount’s base, It’ll likely fall.

Just secure the ball head to the main lever. Align the main lever to the mount’s top and tighten the adjustable screw. Use the button behind the head to adjust the width of the holder. It works for phone sizes from 4.7 to 7.2 Inches.


Car phone holders have become more than just an accessory. Since using your phone on the road is unsafe, you need something to mount your phone. Here, these come in handy. May users don’t pay attention to the correct installation. Though, it is not an ideal thing to do.

A sudden fall of the device may divert your attention and cause an accident. Therefore, it is necessary to read the guide manual and install the holder correctly.


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