A drawstring pouch is a bag that is made out of either leather or cloth and is usually closed using a cord at the top. The cord is generally threaded around the edges of the opening of the pack. This drawstring pouches, previously known as cinch bags, came into existence several centuries ago. The proof of their existence lies in the Egyptian hieroglyphs that show individuals with small pouches tied around their waists using long cords. However, this bag gained popularity between the 14th and the 15th century when both men and women started fastening them at the front of their girdles. Several centuries later, manufacturers are making different styles and sizes, among them customized designs of drawstring pouches- Deepking label among them. 

Factors to consider when buying a drawstring pouch

  • The size 

Drawstring bags come in different sizes. To choose the correct size, you have to find the size of the largest item that you intend to carry inside the bag. With that size estimate, you ought to add at least half an inch or two inches to the forecast so that you can have adequate room to pack all the items you need in the bag. This should be done for the length of the bag, as well. 

  • The length of the drawstring

The length of most drawstrings is standard; hence, you have to put in some creative work in case you need it shortened. To get the right length, you ought to get the length of your torso and compare it to the drawstring length.

  • The cost

Cost is a factor to consider when making any purchase. Always go for a product whose price does not strain your budget. But remember, don’t go for the cheapest one at the expense of quality.

  • Material

Different pouches are made from different materials. It is, therefore, up to you to choose the material that suits you. A leather drawstring pouch is always a wise option due to its durability. However, depending on your taste and preference, choose a material that falls within your taste.

drawstring bag

Why choose a drawstring pouch over a regular bag? 

  • Unlike conventional bags, drawstring pouches are more accessible. When it comes to opening the bag, all you have to do is pull the top part of the bag. On the other hand, too close the bag, you have to pull the string, and it is secure and pleasant to go. This stands out from regular bags with zippers, clasps, and other opening and closing mechanism that may be complicated at times and spoil quickly.
  • Drawstring bags feature a single main compartment, which makes it easier for you to find whatever you are looking for, unlike traditional bags that feature several compartments.
  • Unlike with regular bags, you can customize drawstring bags. You can have the bag manufactured with distinctive logos, colors, or monograms according to your liking.
  • Another advantage is that drawstring bags are very mobile. They are straightforward to grab and get a move on owing to their small size.
  • The fact that drawstring bags or pouches tend to clench tightly at the top makes them very secure.
  • When you take out stuff out of a drawstring bag, it tends to lie flat; hence, it can be stored in smaller spaces. This means that the bag saves on storage space.

Bottom Line

Another advantage of a drawstring pouch is the fact that you can easily make your own. All you have to do is follow some standard steps after choosing the color, size, and the material that you want. You can also opt for a drawstring backpack. 


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