If you want to teach a virtual class with a document camera, you need to have a device that will deliver ultra high definition photo. You need to realize that most of these students will be joining the class on their personal computers, and if the quality is not good, you will not like the output. This will affect the effectiveness of the class. It will even get worse for the students that will join the class on their mobile devices. More people use their phones to surf the Internet. And while it may seem wrong for a student to join a class with their phone, there are many reasons that can cause that. For instance, let’s assume a case when a laptop develops a technical fault during a two-hour class. Instead of struggling with fixing the laptop during class, a better option will be to borrow another laptop or use the phone and fix the laptop later. That is why Your Document camera needs to produce high-resolution photos for all students.

We mostly buy devices out of dire need, and the document cameras are not left out. The main reason for buying these devices is to ensure you present better and other functions. However, even if your main function for the document camera is to present, and not to show high-quality images, still try to ensure it has good quality. The best way to do that is to buy the document camera from a reliable brand that offers a warranty. That way, you can rest assured. After that, you can now think of ways to Use the document camera in a Remote Classroom. This guide will explain how to document cameras can be useful in virtual class meetings.

Joint reading with students

Learning from home gives a lot of room for unseriousness. You can have your students become lazy to do basic things like reading their books. With a document camera, you can ensure you join the students to read books. That way, you are instilling some discipline even virtually. For instance, with the document camera, you can ask all students to join a zoom call and you monitor.

Brainstorming ideas together

Subjects that require calculations and Brainstorming are becoming more common globally. And you will agree that this is the best way to learn. When you have everyone give an opinion about a problem and how to solve it, everyone remembers their answer, why their answer was wrong, and in most cases, the right answer.

Make changes to class notes or texts

Notes are very important, as they are the documents you can go back to when you forget. Also, when students take down notes, they tend to remember more. As the tutor, if you give notes, you can also notice and correct your mistakes when you go through the notes. Instead of calling for a new class, you can always make changes through your document cameras.


Asides from the steps mentioned above, you can use your document camera to check assignments and make corrections, show visual images together, read maps together, and do student project presentations


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