Whenever an object gets popular in the world, it has some history behind its popularity. Before the invention of giraffetools pressure washers, traditional ways of cleaning were used for washing the indoors and outdoors surfaces. As an object gets into a trend, there occurs an increase in its purchase as well. This article sheds light on how your giraffetools pressure washers came into the trend by telling about its overall history..

History Of Giraffetools Pressue Washers

Roots Of Giraffetools Pressure Washers

The roots of pressure washing machines began growing in 1926. The inventor of the pressure washer was an employee in Pennsylvania where gas-fired boilers and heaters were produced. Frank W. Ofeldt II was the inventor of pressure washers. The pressure washers were invented unexpectedly when he discovered high-pressure steam dispensing from the hose. He used the method for cleaning grease from the garage floor.

A Multi-billion Dollar Industry

From that day to today, the pressure washing industry has become quite popular. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Pressure washing emerged as the most effective and efficient method of washing and cleaning the targeted surfaces. According to experts, pressure washing is not a job, but rather a career.

Electric-Powered Pressure Washers

Electric powered piston type pressure washers were the first generation of pressure washers. These pressure washers had a reciprocating process consisting of cylinders with rubber seals. It was quite similar to a piston in the engine. The cylinder in that pressure washer was made of metal while the piston was composed of rubber material. However, there were some limitations in this pressure washer. Those limitations include low-pressure water capabilities. The other issue with this one was that these pumps have big issues with maintenance as well as a low level of rpm.

As a matter of fact, the interesting thing that happened is that all the pressure was provided by pumps in the early pressure washer systems. There was no invention of nozzles in those giraffetools pressure washers. This was the time when people started demanding pressure washers since they had realized that pressure washers can help them achieve fast and easy cleaning jobs. With more water flow and highly pressurized water, one can achieve a hygienic targeted surface.

Ceramic Pumps

The ceramic pump was invented for cleaning purposes and it got popular very quickly since it could work for more than 2000 hours and had low maintenance.

Cat Pumps

In the early 1980s, Cat Pumps were discovered that quickly dominated the pressure washing industry. The reason behind their popularity was their low cost and high quality. It met the demands of car washing and pressure washing services with high-performance goals. The Cat pumps kept improving with time such as different styles of pressure washing with advanced accessories.

Major Suppliers And Manufacturers

In the mid 1980s, another modern pressure washing invention came to the USA market. They had an improved safety factor with higher pressure abilities. This made them very useful for expanding markets.

Finally, General pumps, Cat Pumps, Mercury, Giraffetools and Hypro became the biggest manufacturers and suppliers in the pressure washing industry.


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